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To New students of Taipei Medical University:

Your Office365 account has been activated and you can start using Office365 services!

Provides 1T One drive cloud hard disk, cloud Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, and can share and co-edit documents in real time through any device anytime, anywhere. Courses or meetings with more than 100 people can also be conducted using Teams.


  • OFFICE365 portal:
  • Login account: "TMU" Example:
  • Default password(for overseas student): The first letter of your StudentID(CAPITAL) + last five digits of your PASSPORT No. + birthday (four digits on the month and day). ex. B543210901
  • Please enter a backup email when logging in for the first time. This email will be used for verification when you forget your password. (Don't ignore this step, so as not to be unable to log in after forgetting the password)
  • Office365 A3 service is provided for students to use during school, and will be reduced to A1 service 3 months after graduation. For detailed authorization, please refer to the instructions of Office 365 Education Edition (A1, A3 and A5).
  • Currently, the biggest difference is that Office 365 A1 accounts cannot use Office 365 offline functions, such as downloading to a computer or tablet to install and use, only online functions can be used.
  • Please note that this account and are two separate accounts, so the passwords will not be synchronized!